GOLD WEARS DOWN di Matteo Lucca


L’opera di Matteo Lucca (Forlì, 1980), incredibile nel suo genere, si compone nelle statue di pane a grandezza naturale che l’artista stesso cuoce nel forno che ha costruito. Il fruitore viene subito immerso in un mondo parallelo popolato da individui parzialmente bruciati dove l’unico elemento familiare diventa l’odore del pane appena cotto.
La mostra è a cura di Alessandra Carini e sarà visitabile fino al 24 febbraio 2018.

“For this installation, thought specifically for the Magazzeno Art Gallery, we wanted to give the spectator the possibility to walk around and get close to the sculptures, to be able to observe them in their most minute details; to discern each imperfaction, the burns, the folds of the dough. The statues are created from the artist’s own handcrafted molds and cooked in an oven that he built specifically for this project. this hand-on approach yields pieces that are complete in terms of their construction, and totally authentic. It is a project in which each particular was researched and therefore emanates all the force and fragility of the human body and enumerates each wund and scar in a powerful lyricism. Bread becomes the recognizable and familiar element, the only reassuring element in a situation that can be perceived as alienating an dunsettling.” A.C.