MAG-Magazzeno Art Gallery is committed to exhibiting and promoting urban, contemporary and street art. Established in 2017 in Ravenna’s Darsena neighborhood, the gallery focuses on work influenced by urban environments, street art, pop culture, graphic design and illustration. We are working to bring this art form to a broader audience and eliminate the barriers that exist between traditional institutions, contemporary galleries, art collectors and casual viewers. New monthly exhibits highlight local, national and international artists, whom are free to express themselves without tenets or preconceptions.

Alessandra Carini (1982)

Alessandra holds a Masters in Management of Cultural Events from Palazzo Spinelli (Florence) and Art Curating from Galleria AplusA (Venice) and Bachelors in Visual Arts from the University of Venice (IUAV). She studied with the most popular people of contemporary art world like Francesco Bonami, Gilberto Zorio, Stefano Arienti, Angela Vettese and Frank Boehm. She began her career in Ravenna and Venice working as a curator and event planner for Ninapì-nesting art gallery and the Biennale di Venezia.

Sabrina Cellini (1984)

Sabrina has been involved in several humanitarian projects as project manager. Sabrina obtained her Bachelors in Biotechnology from University of Ferrara and her Masters in Project Managment for international cooperation, euro-project managment and local development from ASVI (Rome).  Sabrina is currently a cultural projects developer and she runs workshops inspired by “Didactics as a Theory of Culture”.

Marco Miccoli (1975)

Marco is a skater, a teacher and a 3D designer.  Marco is proficient in Allplan and Cad, but his passion is street art. He organizes every year Subsidenze, the Ravenna Street Art Festival and he’s collaborating with the most famous italian street artists and illustrators.

Bonobolabo is a shop that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store.